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About Breda

Breda, distinction by versatility

Real city of knowledge with highly skilled personnel

Breda´s economic strength is in its wide and varied offer of sectors. Apart from trade (wholesale and retail), health and welfare care and business services are Breda’s biggest employers. Breda’s inner city has been in the top 10 of Holland’s shopping cities for years. Moreover, Breda is a real city of knowledge with highly skilled personnel, also owing to the city’s many prominent institutes of education with a total of approximately 30,000 students. Avans Hogeschool (Avans Professional University of Applied Sciences), NHTV internationaal hoger onderwijs Breda (NHTV international higher education Breda), the Defensieacademie (Defence Academy), De Rooi Pannen and the ROC West-Brabant (West Brabant Regional Educational Centre) are all to be found in Breda.

In the “Best Studies” survey carried out by Elsevier weekly magazine, Avans Professional University was elected Holland’s best professional university in 2013 and 2014. In the 2015 HBO Keuzegids (Choice Guide for Professional Universities) NHTV international higher education Breda was elected best large professional university.


In the Netherlands  Breda ranks high in the field of distribution and logistics

Strong clusters in the region are logistics, biobased economy, agrofood and maintenance. Because of its strategic location Breda ranks high in the fields of distribution and logistics. Indeed, various international companies have established their Benelux head office in Breda. Furthermore, Breda is an entrepreneurial city with a strong MSB, responsible for almost three quarters of the city’s employment, including a large number of independent workers.

Finally, Breda is also an excellent city of residence and leisure, a meeting place for history and contemporary culture, a place where the good life is the measure for human interaction.


Four airports at within approximately one hour
Two container terminals within 20 kilometres

Breda has excellent access by road and by rail. Breda is at a hub of motorways, the main ones being the A16 and the A27. As of December 2016, Breda Central Station offers a less than 60-minute link with as many as four airports: Schiphol, Rotterdam/the Hague Airport, Brussels Airport and Eindhoven Airport. In addition, Breda has its own airport in Breda Airport, which is suitable for business flights, for example. There are two container terminals (Oosterhout and Moerdijk) within 20 kilometres for transfer via waterways.

Breda is made attractive for internationally oriented companies as well as tourists by its many international connections.


In brief

Breda is a networking city par excellence with a strong focus on quality and sustainability. Keywords: high-level distribution of knowledge and services, small-scale and medium-sized business, an agreeable, dynamic and richly varied residential climate in an attractive city cherishing its history and culture.


Favourable projects

A favourable project in Breda where NV BrIM Breda’s activities will be playing a clear role is:


Via Breda – stands for the development of the railzone in the centre of Breda and includes a new railway station  and the necessary office locations to be developed.

For more information about Breda and its municipal services, please go to www.breda.nl.

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