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About BrIM

NV BrIM Breda was founded in 1959 to promote the establishment of industry in Breda. As an independent limited liability company, NV BrIM Breda is responsible for selling business sites in Breda. This means it has built close relations with relevant city departments including Land Development.


Besides, there are close contacts with the other municipalities of the West Brabant region and NV BOM (Brabant Development Agency) and NV REWIN (Regional Development Agency, which initially started as Regional Employment Institute) investment partners.


BrIM activities

Core tasks

1.     Acquisition and Sale & Mediation

2.     Promotion & Marketing

3.     Relation & Account Management


To keep and create employment for the City of Breda and the region by:

1.     Strengthening the economic structure with new (international) business

2.     Facilitating existing companies in different fields so that the company’s operations will stay in Breda (e.g. possibilities for extension, alterations, adaptation(s) zoning plan)

Sub targets

-   Careful use of space
-   Promoting investments
-   Limiting vacancy
-   Sale of land/buildings of the City of Breda (Property Development) and BrIM
-   Limiting the number of people on unemployment benefit

Core activities

NV BrIM Breda has the following four core activities:

  • (Re) selling company lots in Breda
  • Acquisition of new economic functions for Breda
  • Promotion of Breda as a strategically strong (inter) national business location
  • Relation management: building and maintaining sustainable relation management

(Re) sale

N.V. BrIM Breda takes care of realising the sale transaction of business sites. This also means providing guidance support to the customer for the whole administrative procedure including several procedures to acquire permits.


NV BrIM Breda emphatically keeps its finger on the pulse regarding opportunities of acquisition by networking, signalling, analysing and documenting developments and trends on the commercial property market. By cooperating with intermediaries like BOM, REWIN, property professionals and consulting agencies potential candidates are actively approached and guided with an obvious aim to bring in new companies and, consequently, new employment for Breda.



To put Breda on the map as an attractive (inter) national business location, NV BrIM Breda applies various promotional methods like organising events, multimedia advertising, being present at fairs and co-organising trade delegations, fact-finding trips and investment seminars.


Relation management

A high level of customer contact is maintained in cooperation with the account managers (business contact officials) of the department for Economic Affairs, Development office.

NV BrIM Breda realises its relation management especially by involving local international businesses as “ambassadors” for the promotion of Breda. Besides, it is important to keep track of local growth companies in their need for accommodation. Aided by ICT, a more professional method to support the core activities has been introduced over the past few years. In its process management NV BrIM Breda provides customer-based support and guidance of companies to meet their need for accommodation in Breda. Our aim is to realise one central desk for potential newcomers, making sure all kinds of administrative procedures (e.g. for permits) are properly initiated and guided.

Since recently, NV BrIM Breda’s website has offered customers a possibility to have direct access to the current supply of office and company space in Breda. This data bank has a direct link with the various data bases of Breda’s main estate agents.


N.V. BrIM Breda’s unique position

Breda’s ambition is to show an international profile as Benelux business centre, as a city of logistic knowledge and as a city of the visual image: Breda is thé creative hotspot of the Netherlands and far beyond.

Furthermore, the City wants to grow by strengthening its economic structure. Its important role is to work hard to persuade foreign companies to come to Breda. For the City this requires capacity and commitment. To achieve this, the City of Breda has chosen to use NV BrIM Breda as an instrument.

Recognisability in the market

NV BrIM Breda was founded 56 years ago. According to recent market research, NV BrIM Breda’s  years of effort have brought it a good name among Breda companies when it comes to acquisition and guiding newcomer business entrepreneurs in Breda. Business people indicate that NV BrIM Breda has a strong added value for Breda. NV BrIM Breda’s approach has been judged as flexible, cooperative, accurate, efficient and customer-based.

Limited Liability Structure

NV BrIm Breda has a limited liability structure which allows it to operate more entrepreneurially as an independent private law entity. As such, NV BrIM Breda holds the role of intermediary between the City of Breda and business and is thé executive organisation in the field of business acquisition, promotion and relation management.

Finally, the limited liability structure provides a Board of Commissioners who can advise BrIM’s management and the executive organisation with a professional focus on the market.


NV BrIM Breda is held to account by its shareholder. Since 1st January 2014 the City of Breda has been sole shareholder.

Board of Commissioners

The Board's primary task is to supervise management. Furthermore, it has an advisory role. The Board consists of a representative on behalf of the City of Breda (the alderman for Economic Affairs). In addition, there are three external commissioners who specialise in law, finance and general management.

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