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Restructuring projects provide 54 acres of new business plots

In the next few years Breda has also planned a number of restructuring projects, which will also bring up new space for sale; with an overall net capacity of approximately 54 hectares. The additional space as a result of restructuring thus turns into an important supplement to the supply of saleable land in Breda for the near future. A good example of this is Markpark I to the Hekven.

The most important (and extensive) sites that have been given restructuring priority are Hazeldonk, Greenery and Emer/Krogten/Hintelaken.

Coherent and demand-oriented policy on industrial parcels

To realise its ambitions and goals, Breda opts for a coherent and demand-oriented business site policy. The starting point for a cohesive business site policy is a demand-based operation by Breda on the one hand and a sharp eye for the coherence between existing and new business locations on the other (SER ladder and careful use of space).

Monitoring coherence between new & existing sites

Apart from the development of new sites, the guideline is to retain the position of existing sites as much as possible. With the arrival of new sites there is a risk of fast vacancy and possible neglect of existing sites. 

Besides, the existing supply is to play a very important role in meeting the demand in Breda in view of the short supply. The point is to be prepared for this and act accordingly.

The present biggest supply is to be found in the Greenery and Digit Parc Breda private locations. The remaining locations are all fragmented.

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