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Former Keysermolen school building has been transformed into Incubator Breda, Oranjeboomstraat 198. It is used as small-scale business accommodation for first-time entrepreneurs.

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Contact: Mark van de Pol of Starterslift
E: mark.vandepol@starterslift  M: 06-34571374

Target group

The target group consists of entrepreneurs who started recently and are now home-based or make use of temporary office space and of people who are planning to start an enterprise. They will mostly be independents (ZZPs), but of course they could also be collaborations of several people.

Generally speaking, it is hard for first-time entrepreneurs to find accommodation in the regular market because of commercial prices and limited possibilities to close short term lease contracts. In general, commercial landlords will not easily be willing to do business with start-ups on a basis of flexible lease contracts at low rents because this is often less attractive, financially.

To prevent unfair competition / improper use of state support it is important for tenants to move up the accommodation ladder, eventually. Thus, lease contracts can be closed for a maximum period of three years. After that, a tenant is basically supposed to move to the commercial market.


This is a former school building with every aspect of a real school. The advantage of this is that it fits in with the feeling of a first-time entrepreneur. Both the first-time entrepreneur and his customer will feel at home in the building because it is so easily accessible. Furthermore, the building breathes nostalgia. The lay-out of the building lends itself perfectly well to being let in work units and flexible workspaces.



The entrance is centrally located at the front of the building. There is also another way-in at the rear, which is of great advantage for the routing inside the building. There are sufficient possibilities for a number of conference rooms. It is also worth mentioning that there is a more than sufficient number of toilets at fine locations spread around the building. There is also a kitchen located favourably for a possible social space.



The building has three floors. Two of these were used by the former school and can be used  to create spaces for the start-up centre. The third floor is a large attic.

The building’s exterior has an excellent characteristic appeal. The garden at the front lends itself excellently for a bicycle stand or possibly a terrace.

The former schoolyard at the rear can be used for various purposes, mainly as a private car park. To extend the social space, there are some ideas to use part of the schoolyard as a terrace.


The entrance is at the front on the ground floor, but the building can also be entered from the schoolyard (carpark). The former classrooms are both on the ground floor and the first floor at the front of the building and are connected via a corridor at the rear. There are two small rooms on either side of the front entrance. Then there are four classrooms (approx. 50 m2 each) and the gymnasium (approx. 78 m2) accessible via the corridor at the rear. There is a rear extension with a hall and “auditorium” on the right-hand side of the building (not shown on the floorplan). The first floor can be reached via two staircases, one on the left and one on the right-hand side of the building. There are seven classrooms of 50 m2 each on the first floor. A staircase provides access to the attic, which is a fairly open space with low rafters.

Some rooms can also be turned into conference or presentation facilities. A possible division is to split all the classrooms ( now 50 m2) into half, thus creating two rooms of 25m2 each. The room to the left of the entrance on the ground floor (23m2) could be used as a consulting room. The former gymnasium could perfectly well become an office garden and provide room for ten flexible workspaces.

The room at the end of the corridor on the ground floor(15 m2) is perfectly suitable for use as a consulting room.

The hall and auditorium at the rear of the building on the right (not shown on floorplan) will probably become a social space. These rooms can be used to give presentations or may serve as conference rooms for larger groups. The seven classrooms on the first floor will be transformed into 14 work units.

Another idea is to provide small seating areas in different places along the corridor, where people may have informal conversations.


De Keysersmolen lends itself perfectly well to serve the intended purpose of small-scale business accommodation for first-time entrepreneurs:

-    Excellent access by car and public transport

-    The building is at cycling distance from the city centre and Ginneken,

      Heuvel and Princenhage city districts

-    The Heuvel is a district bustling with activity. The nearby Dr Struyckenplein

      provides a lot of amenities for day-to-day requirements.

-    The neighbourhood fits in well with a start-up centre. Although it is

      situated in a residential district, it is surrounded by various types of

      architecture. Access is excellent because of the centre’s close proximity

      to the trunk road and because it has own private car park (walled

      schoolyard at the rear), which limits the nuisance of extra cars in the


-    The neighbourhood is an area where a first-time entrepreneur will feel at

      home. It is not a cold commercial district.




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