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Breda wants to be a city where people like to live, work and find recreation. Livability and sustainability are the key concepts here. A healthy and safe living environment are of the utmost importance as well. Furthermore, companies need space to develop and there should be a sufficient amount of green for the development of nature in the Waterdonken-Waterakkers district. Its total area also comprises Werkdonken business park.

Werkdonken business park (Arduinstraat) has small-scale subdivision land development (12 lots with a maximum surface area of 2,000 m²) in which space is created for residential business development. Werkdonken residential business park is connected to the existing Charles Petitweg business park.

Werkdonken Business Park is to be used for the establishment of companies in environment categories 1 and 2. The house is on the side of the water, the business space is located on the Charles Petitweg. The type of business activity that can establish here is small-scale production companies, craft companies, studio-like companies and (wholesale) trading companies.

Ideal for the start-up (again) entrepreneur who likes to have his company within reach and have a nice place to live. The present subdivision land development drawings show the residential business lots.

Finally, there are three business lots available at Werkdonken (non-residential)

Lot 13: 4,959 m²

Lot 14: 2,248 m²

Lot 15: 7,776 m²


The land price for lots at Werkdonken has been fixed at:

Residential business lots 1 - 8: € 235 per m² excl. VAT and buyer’s closing costs

Residential business lots 11 and 12: € 215 per m² excl. VAT and buyer’s closing costs

Business lots 13 and 14: € 145 per m² excl. VAT and buyer’s closing costs

Lots 9 and 10 have been sold.


If you would like to know more about available business lots at Werkdonken, please contact, Mrs Marcelle den Hooglander-Vermunt,

telephone: +31 76 5293758  email: mapa.den.hooglander@breda.nl



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