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Again American company established in Breda

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A short period of orientation preceded its establishment. In September 2008 the company first showed its interest in establishing in Breda. As a result of close cooperation between N.V. BrIM and the Brabant Development Company (BOM) the Cibus intention has led to actual establishment in Breda within a relatively short period. Mr LaDon Johnson, president of Cibus International, points out that at this moment the office is fully operational.


“I have chosen Breda as it is a progressive community, has a vibrant city center, is easy to access by car and train and the people are all very friendly. Already I see the energy and the possibilities of successfully expanding the Cibus company here as the young people are well educated and customer oriented. I look forward to the years to come and watching Breda and Cibus growing together.”, says Mr LaDon Johnson.


For the American Cibus company, Europe is one of the growth markets. The company specialises in developing certain qualities in field crops in the same way as this is done by mother nature. It is particularly this aspect that will turn out to be important for the European agricultural industry.


Breda, 20 February  2009

Posted on 20-02-2009

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