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Baan Bonus Breda

Baan Bonus Breda

As of 1st January 2011 the Breda Job Bonus has become effective. It is a bonus arrangement for any employer hiring a jobseeker from Breda in the next few months. If you offer a one-year contract, the bonus amounts to € 10,000. Application takes less than five minutes on The corresponding accountability is also remarkable for its simplicity.

The arrangement

Employers hiring a jobseeker from Breda can receive a once-only amount of € 5,000 per employee. For a one-year contract this amount is € 10,000 per employee. This temporary stimulation arrangement takes effect on 1st January 2011 and matches the basic principles in the coalition agreement to stimulate participation on the labour market. Moreover, the Breda Job Bonus follows the national development to create room for experiments enabling employers to have their own positive influence on mediation in case of unemployment. At the same time, this arrangement is Breda’s way to enable jobseekers to gain work experience and strengthen their position on the labour market.

At this moment

An increasing number of companies seems to see the end of the credit crunch. Slowly but surely recovery is becoming visible and plans for the future are again being made. In Breda the consequences of the crunch are still noticeable. Especially when we consider the present part an able-bodied labour force without a job.

It is in the interest of companies, jobseekers and the municipality of Breda that as many people as possible are active on the labour market. That is why the Breda Job Bonus comes into effect. It is meant to stimulate companies to offer a contract to jobseekers. The size of the bonus and the way the arrangement works might be the deciding factor here.

Carefully selected candidates

Apart from the interesting financial offer, the Breda Job Bonus holds another advantage. The best candidates will be selected for you, which means there are no recruitment and selection costs on your part. Your future employee will be recruited from a carefully composed group of registered jobseekers. A team of job matchers nominates candidates who clearly match your vacancy. In the process you will always be in contact with your own personal job matcher. Once the match has been made, he will be available for any questions or advice.


The main rules of the game

The Breda Job Bonus has a few rules:

  • a one-year contract (starting at 32 hours a week) offers € 10,000, a half- year contract offers € 5,000.
    Application as well as accountability are via the Internet
  • The bonus payments will be made on a basis of pay slips, which you can submit via the website of by post.
  • Candidates are from the Breda Job Bonus group
  • the employer’s location is not a criterion


If this information has made you interested, just take a look at, an easy-reference website giving brief information on the Breda Job Bonus. It is also the place to submit your vacancy and to apply for the Breda Job Bonus in just a few steps. If you would like to talk to someone about the Breda Job Bonus, just click the contact button on the site.

Posted on 14-01-2011

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