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Breda Economic Barometer 2011: a city’s economic transformation

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Breda Economic Barometer 2011: a city’s economic transformation

Recently the Breda Economic Barometer was published for the tenth year in succession. It is a joint product of the City of Breda, Rabobank Breda and Avans University for Applied Sciences. The Barometer offers an insight into the present level and shows how Breda’s knowledge economy has developed over the past few years. The first decade of the 21st century has seen a transformation of Breda’s economy from a manufacturing town to a city of knowledge.`

Some conclusions

Breda, characterised by growing international orientation

With the arrival of a large number of Benelux branch offices e.g. Weight Watchers and Beckers snacks, Breda increasingly manages to establish its international position. The economy wants more  and more action. Breda, and especially the inner city, manages to benefit.

Breda’s economic recovery continues

In 2010 the Barometer indicates how last year’s credit crunch has bottomed out, how Breda’s economic recovery continues and how the anticipated expectation of a jobs crisis has not come true. Tell-tale signs of the economic recovery are the rising faith on the part of Breda’s business owners and the growing number of job vacancies.
An important supporting role in Breda’s economic recovery is held by the city’s strong point of departure, which also includes the level of the knowledge economy.

Breda’s knowledge economy

Breda is gradually becoming a city for the highly educated, not only to live here but also to work and study. Breda’s developments in the field of education are a case in point.
The education level of Breda’s jobs has risen considerably. Whereas in the past many of Breda’s highly educated inhabitants used to work outside the city, today there are more highly skilled people coming to Breda for their work. At the same time the knowledge infrastructure has reached a new stage of development. The increase of the number of students at Breda’s professional universities considerably exceeds the average number of Holland’s other professional universities. The number of career courses has been extended and lectureships have been added. At middle vocational level the ROC West-Brabant more frequently manifests itself as a knowledge partner in Breda and the region. To supplement existing institutes of education, knowledge clusters have developed around logistics (Dinalog) and Maintenance (World Class Maintenance).

Breda’s unemployment figure gone down

Unemployment is lower than a year ago and it can also be called historically low.

The full version of the Breda Economic Barometer can be consulted at

According to Mr Willem-Peter Kriek, board chairman of Rabobank Breda, who presented the results of the Barometer,  “Breda has all the ingredients to be able to compete with other big cities”.

Figure 3 Growth of businesses and jobs 2000 -2010 (index 2000="100")

Source: Business Register Breda

Figure 4 Development of Employment (%) big cities 2009 - 2010

Source: Lisa

Figure 17 Main markets of Breda companies (related to the number of jobs)

Source: Survey of companies 2010

Posted on 08-04-2011

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