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Breda sets out physical countours for Dinalog Campus development and shifts to a higher gear

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Breda sets out physical countours for Dinalog Campus development and shifts to a higher gear

‘Couple ambition with a sense of reality.’ This was the challenging task facing Breda with the establishment of the Dutch Top Institute for Logistics, Dinalog (Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics) and the assignment to develop the accompanying open innovation campus together with the government, knowledge institutions and the business sector. The first model survey for the campus suggests that the city has succeeded, at least as far as the principles of urban development is concerned. Furthermore, Breda added an ambition to the programme of requirements: Dinalog Campus Breda must also be a Dutch showpiece from the perspective of sustainability.

The open innovation campus for logistics, part of the national innovation programme for logistics and  supply chain management ‘Dinalog’, will be  developed on the 13-hectare Rithmeesterpark, on the west side of Breda, right alongside the A16 and the route of the HSL shuttle.
By drawing up  ‘spatial principles’ and a ‘model survey’, the municipality of Breda has done the preparatory work needed for the adoption of a new land-use plan for the location ‘Rithmeesterpark’ in 2011 and  for making a start on the construction work at the beginning of 2012.

Floors & fields

A striking feature of the concept is the division of the site into floors and fields. A combination of urban-like, relatively dense building and open, green, linking zones. Between the buildings, an often surfaced public area will be created, with streets and squares, designed for slow traffic and service providers. Here there will be trees in tree grates, large planters and street furniture. Between the urban floors, there will be relaxed rural fields, combined in triangular spaces. These spaces will often be free from surfacing and furniture and can each take on its own quality. The space around the Bijloop will have a clear ecological signature, whilst an area on Princenhagelaan will have a much more open character, so that Dinalog Campus is clearly visible from the main road.

Open, transparent, shared and inspiring

The buildings themselves will have an open, transparent aura, so that contact between indoors and outdoors is taken for granted. An inspiring, open environment, which inspires and invites people to interact with each other. Hence too the decision, in advance, that there would be shared facilities on the site for all ‘residents’,  within a maximum walking distance of 400 metres from all buildings. There will be parking for all buildings within a distance of 250 metres, but this does not mean that buildings will have their own car parks. The open and natural experience of the area is paramount; low traffic is therefore the motto. Parking on the edges; the urban floors alternating with the fields; and located in the centre a full range of communal facilities, such as restaurants, conference, demonstration and  training facilities, a library and childcare.
The proposed division of the floors and fields over the area, in a pattern with a multitude of triangles, means that the high land pressure – as a result of the programme whose realization will be spread over many buildings – will be experienced as a quality peculiar to the area. At Dinalog Campus, relatively small office units, mostly in four storeys, will be built.

Shifting to a higher gear

The ‘urban development exploration and models’ and the recently presented first draft of the ‘masterplan’ form the basis for the newly installed steering committee (Municipallity of Breda, Province of North Brabant and BOM (Brabant Development company)), to prepare the way for the new to be established Dinalog Campus organization. This new legal entity –due for this summer- will consist of various parties having their say in correspondence with their contribution. The steering committee is to concentrate on forging contacts with the market and linking multiple parties to the development of the Dinalog Campus.


The first tasks of the steering committee will be the formal establishment of the Master Plan for the Dinalog Campus and corresponding project plan 2011 with the planning for the various tenders and actual awarding of contracts and the preparation of the definitive organization. It is the intention of the steering committee to commence the building work in the first quarter of 2012.

-inviting parties-

“Above all, the Dinalog Campus needs to be marketed, because no matter how important we believe the social importance of innovation in the logistics sector is, it is only on rare occasions that government is also the property developer. Parties for whom this is their core business are welcome to fulfill a role within this idea, which will be monitored from the perspective of the innovation program, the authorities and the logistics sector”, says Breda councilor Cees Meeuwis.


‘Let’s get inspired by Dinalog’ is the motto with which the Dinalog brand family is marketed internationally. For the campus, the market promise is as follows: Dinalog Campus will be the place to be for ‘tout’ logistics Netherlands when it comes to the development and application of logistics innovations and supply chain management concepts. It is the physical location where knowledge development, research, education and practice meet; where new insights are shared and  where more and more innovations and spin-offs arise as a result of the many network activities. A breeding ground for innovation, a fertile soil for economic success – this is how the whole sector will experience Dinalog Campus.

-strong starting position and favorable prospects-

Dinalog, as the program is now known, is on schedule. The Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (Dinalog) is already on the map and business and universities are participating in dozens of research and development projects. There has been strong cooperation between the entire education establishment and the business community from the beginning. The efforts from the initial period are now starting to bear fruit. In anticipation of the physical campus developments, various organizations have already taken up residence in the Dinalog property. Last February, it was announced that two large logistics companies, Jan de Rijk Logistics and DHL Supply Chain, are to accommodate a number of supply chain specialists at Dinalog.

Posted on 08-04-2011

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