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Dinalog Campus shifts to a higher gear

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Dinalog Campus shifts to a higher gear

As the home base for the innovation program ‘Logistics & Supply Chain Management’,  Breda has more or less concluded the first preparatory phase with the presentation of the draft Master Plan Dinalog Campus. This plan and the recently completed ‘urban development exploration and models’ form the basis of the proposal by the Municipality of Breda to form a steering committee together with the Province of Noord-Brabant, the BOM (Brabant Development Company) and Dinalog (Institute), to prepare the way for the new to be established Dinalog Campus organization.


The Province of Noord-Brabant has already approved the proposal. Provincial Executive for Economic Affairs, Ms Lily Jacobs, is to be the chair for the steering committee, in which the Municipality of Breda will be represented by Economic Affairs councilor Mr Cees Meeuwis. Mr Willem Heeren is to represent Dinalog. The BOM (Brabant Development Company), represented by Mr Jan Pelle, will also be part of this steering committee.

The goal is to transform - this spring - this steering committee into a new legal entity, in which the various parties will have their say in correspondence with their contribution. The steering committee is to concentrate on forging contacts with the market and linking multiple parties to the development of the Dinalog Campus.


The first tasks of the steering committee will be the formal establishment of the Master Plan for the Dinalog Campus and corresponding project plan 2011 with the planning for the various tenders and actual awarding of contracts and the preparation of the definitive organization. It is the intention of the steering committee to commence the building work in the first quarter of 2012.

“That means that we have little less than a year to flesh out the idea with the market; to clarify the program of requirements; call for tenders for design, construction and building; and at the same time we will have to run through all the planning procedures. Above all, the Dinalog Campus needs to be marketed, because no matter how important we believe the social importance of innovation in the logistics sector is, it is only on rare occasions that government is also the property developer. Parties for whom this is their core business are welcome to fulfill a role within this idea, which will be monitored from the perspective of the innovation program, the authorities and the logistics sector”, says councilor Cees Meeuwis.  

National importance

The interests of Dinalog extend beyond those of the municipality and province. Central government also recognizes the importance of a strong stimulus for innovation in logistics and supply chain management as an instrument to realize the Dutch ambition of becoming the European market leader as the director of the transnational flow of goods in 2020. West-Brabant is one of the Netherlands’ logistic hotspots. Both the municipality of Breda and the province of Noord-Brabant made logistics an economic spearhead. Both organizations also did this for the ‘maintenance’ sector and indicated –during the competition for the accommodation of Dinalog- the coherence between these very well represented sectors in Brabant. The cooperation is now firmly in place with the accommodation of the Dutch Institute World Class Maintenance under the Dinalog roof.

Cashing in on opportunities

“The logistics and supply chain sector, the Dutch knowledge institutes and the national government expressed through the Van Laarhoven Committee its wish for an open innovation campus to treble the contribution from the logistics sector towards the gross national product by 2020. Simultaneously, we can see that the industry itself is not currently sufficiently able to take the firsts steps for establishing this campus. This is why, in the coming months, we are going to explore if and how we might be able to provide Dutch logistics with an initial boost. The social yield is our main concern and we will be addressing the sector with regard to its own responsibilities. We will attempt to cash in on these opportunities together. Breda has done a lot of preparatory work. We are going to do this together in the coming months. Speed is of the essence here, because he who acts quickly receives opportunities and he who hesitates is lost.” This is how the Noord-Brabant Provincial Executive for Economic Affairs, Ms Lily Jacobs, describes the efforts of the province in the coming months.

Strong starting position and favorable prospects

The municipality and province have already jointly committed more than €10 million to the participation in the implementation of the innovation program Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Central government started with a contribution of €25 million for the term until 2013.

Dinalog, as the program is now known, is on schedule. The Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (Dinalog) is already on the map and business and universities are participating in dozens of research and development projects. There has been strong cooperation between the entire education establishment and the business community from the beginning. The efforts from the initial period are now starting to bear fruit. In anticipation of the physical campus developments, various organizations have already taken up residence in the Dinalog property.

Last week, it was announced that two large logistics companies, Jan de Rijk Logistics and DHL Supply Chain, are to accommodate a number of supply chain specialists at Dinalog.

Cees Meeuwis: “It appears as though we can interpret this as favorable indicators for the Dinalog Campus. We have to strike while the hammer is hot, so may I repeat, we are going to up the tempo together.”

Posted on 10-02-2011

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