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Dutch Institute World Class Maintenance moves in at Dinalog

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Dutch Institute World Class Maintenance moves in at Dinalog

Since the end of September, the Dutch Institute World Class Maintenance (DIWCM) has been accommodated on the second floor of the Dinalog building. Under the management of DIWCM director Lex Besselink, a small team will coordinate and manage all the DIWCM activities, in cooperation with the Maintenance Education Consortium (MEC) team, managed by director Emmy Bakker.
The DIWCM wants to become the chain director, providing strategic management and operational support to the development and innovation of the 'Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) supply chains & MRO Value Parks'. In cooperation with companies, education and research institutes, they will strive for international recognition for the Netherlands as a World Class region in the field of MRO.

Four pillars

The DIWCM focuses on 4 pillars, in which a structural collaboration and harmonization between Commerce, Education, Research and Government takes place. In this manner, the DIWCM makes a substantial contribution to the improvement of the lifecycle costs of capital intensive goods in, at the very least, the following five interconnected sectors: process industry, energy, infra, maritime and aviation.
Together with its partners, the DIWCM wants to effect the optimum availability of capital intensive 'assets' at the lowest possible life cycle costs. They plan to achieve this goal through the promotion of cross-sector innovation and strategy development, responsible and sustainable enterprise and maintenance, promoting the maintenance profession, sharing knowledge and operational application and the development of Maintenance Value Parks (MVPs), to facilitate the clustering of maintenance companies, and education and research institutes in new activities.
In addition, the dissemination of the developed knowledge through, for example, national and international approved courses is of eminent importance.

Achieving objectives

To achieve all these objectives, the DIWCM is working intensively with the Netherlands Association for Efficient Maintenance (NVDO) and the trade association for Professional Industrial Maintenance (Profion).
Following the appointment of Aad Veenman as chair of the Supervisory Board, the key tasks for the coming period are now the further composition and appointment of this Board, the executive management and the Program Board (the four pillars’ stakeholders).

It is expected that the Dutch Institute World Class Maintenance will be officially opened mid November with an event explaining details on all the activities for the coming years.

The founding and accommodation of the Dutch Institute World Class Maintenance has been made possible in part by a contribution from the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO) within the scope of the Operational Program Southern Netherlands (OP-Zuid). OP-Zuid is a European economic incentive program for the provinces of Limburg, Noord-Brabant and Zeeland. The provinces, the cities participating in the Major Cities Policy (GSB) in the Southern Netherlands, including Breda, and the government are joint financers for the projects financed within the scope of OP-Zuid. The total program funding amounts to approximately 460 million euro, of which 186 million originates from the EFRO and 46 million from government. OP-Zuid has as its primary objectives the improvement of competitive capacity, sustainable economic growth and the promotion of employment in the Southern Netherlands. The regional ambitions of the Southern Netherlands to make further advancements as a top technological region are answered on a large scale with these grant-funded projects.


Posted on 18-11-2010

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