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enVista Opens Breda, Netherlands Office to Meet Clients'

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enVista Opens Breda, Netherlands Office to Meet Clients'

Pan European Supply Chain Requirements

enVista Fills Market Gap for Experienced Western European Supply Chain Consulting Resources with Firm Knowledge of Regional Business and Culture

Indianapolis, IN
, June 8, 2010 - enVista, a leading enterprise and supply chain consulting services firm, announced today that it is opening an office in Breda, Netherlands, based on clients’ Pan European supply chain requirements. These include the need for expert supply chain consultants deeply experienced in supply chain design and transportation, as well as who bring a firm knowledge of Western Europe business practices and culture.

According to enVista President Jim Barnes, “As globalization continues to feed supply chain complexity, enVista has been increasingly consulting on and even managing clients’ European supply chain operations. Last year enVista announced its consulting presence in strategic locations throughout Europe. However, demand has increased to the point that we needed to establish formal European operations to better serve our transportation and distribution centric clients.”

He continues, “enVista selected Breda because it is centrally located to major international organizations, universities, and strong supply chain resources.” The office currently employs a staff of six and is expected to grow to ten associates by year end.

enVista’s dedicated European supply chain consulting team will provide the same supply chain expertise, but will also bring invaluable firsthand experience with local cultures, languages, business customs, and regulations that vary from Scandinavia to Iberia. enVista will also offer local interim management and recruiting services.

“We believe this is a significant differentiator and reinforces our ‘consult, implement and operate’ value proposition,” says Barnes. “There are small boutique firms that have in-country specific knowledge, but there are few supply chain consulting firms that provide the vast, comprehensive services that enVista delivers across all of Western Europe, including Scandinavia and Iberia.”

About enVista

enVista is a leading enterprise and supply chain consulting services provider, delivering innovative solutions that improve profitability, enhance customer service and reduce waste from source to consumption. enVista provides exceptional value in its unique ability to consult, implement and operate. These capabilities, in combination with enVista’s deep domain, vertical and industry expertise enable world-leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers to leverage one experienced partner for all matters related to supply chain, transportation and ERP/CRM.

For more information about enVista please call 877-684-7700 or contact us at inforequest@envistacorp.com.   

Posted on 18-11-2010

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