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From Schiphol to Breda in 53 minutes? Schiphol – Rotterdam in 26 minutes? 

The Fyra high-speed train service from NS Hispeed enables you to travel toward and from Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam and Breda. This comfortable train runs on the high-speed track and is therefore, by far, the fastest connection.

Fyra: a different way of traveling

From Amsterdam to Rotterdam in less than 45 minutes? This is reality thanks to NS Hispeed’s Fyra service. Fyra runs twice an hour, seven days a week between Amsterdam and Breda via Schiphol Airport and the city of Rotterdam.


Fyra’s services/comfort

Fyra has two comfort classes, first class and second class, which offer comfortable seats and silent zones. When you are travelling first class, you can use the on board electrical outlets and the NS Hispeed Lounges for free. The NS Hispeed Lounges are situated on the four stations Fyra stops on, where you can relax and enjoy yourself with free drinks at the self-service bar.

To make your trip even more comfortable, Fyra always offers a catering service on both classes. There is a trolley service offering you a selection of hot, cold and alcoholic beverages, sandwiches, sweets and biscuits. The coffee and tea served on board is provided by Starbucks® Coffee.


Fyra in the future

The next developments will soon be realized:

  • Fyra will run to Brussels once an hour
  • Speed upgrade to 250 km/h
  • Five times an hour a high-speed train will run between Amsterdam and Rotterdam in 36 minutes
  • Schiphol – Breda in 41 minutes


Wouldn’t it be easy if you are already having your Fyra supplement with you instead of buying a ticket at the vending machine? Without having to risk the chance of missing a train or waste useful time standing in line? We can make it easier for you! Get your Fyra supplements in large numbers and see how you can save time, energy and money. Send the supplement ticket to your business partners, so that when they arrive at the airport, they can board the train without any delay. Your meeting can start within an hour! Also possible in the NS Hispeed Lounge.

Traveling frequently means double advantage

If you travel twice a week or more between above mentioned cities or beyond, Fyra Altijd Toeslagvrij can be the most advantageous way to travel. Fyra Altijd Toeslagvrij is an annual subscription and can be used unlimited on Fyra.


  • You receive Fyra Altijd Toeslagvrij for each month in one order (pay per year)
  • No individual declarations
  • Fyra Altijd Toeslagvrij can be reimbursed untaxed and can be reported as expenses for the full 100%
  • Fyra Altijd Toeslagvrij is an addition to the NS annual subscription.

For further information about the possibilities for your company regarding any subscription, supplements for Fyra or using the NS Hispeed Lounge for your meetings, visit http://www.nshispeed.nl/en/fyra-for-your-employees or contact Mr Ramy Khaled of NS Hispeed at T. (+31)6 83 63 49 60 or by e-mail at ramy.khaled@nshispeed.nl.

Posted on 28-09-2011

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