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Jan de Rijk Logistics

Jan de Rijk LogisticsSince January, Jan de Rijk Logistics has housed its supply chain engineering department in one of the available spaces in the Dinalog building in Breda.

Through the years, Jan de Rijk Logistics has grown to become a Pan-European provider of transport, warehousing and distribution activities in varied market segments with 25 locations in Europe and many global collaborations with various partners. The Jan de Rijk Logistics supply chain engineering department exchanges knowledge and experience in projects with other logistics suppliers, innovative companies and researchers with the aim of implementing an improved supply chain for the customer. Through the continuous development and optimization of logistic processes, Jan de Rijk Logistics hopes to achieve additional growth. Innovation is a strategic spearhead for Jan de Rijk Logistics. Instead of just acting reactively to market developments that are already the reality, the company participates actively in the development of new approaches and, in doing so, establishes a competitive edge.

Posted on 27-01-2011

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