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NDD 2011: “Inspiration and Innovation”

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NDD 2011: “Inspiration and Innovation”


The National Distribution Day is an annual event organised by NDL / HIDC. This afternoon congress focuses on a topical logistic theme. There will be not only a presentation of this theme’s developments and backgrounds but also examples of good practices to offer visitors a tool to translate these developments to their own company processes

During the interval and when the congress has finished there will be ample opportunity for networking. We therefore aim to bring together as many visitors as possible, approximately 550 people, who are the widest possible representation of the logistic sector.

Each year the NDD is organised in a different region. Prior to the NDD, a number of NDL / HIDC members from the organising region, is offered an opportunity to organise an optional morning programme, which mostly consists of a presentation of logistic developments in the region followed by company visits.

The 24th edition of the NDD will held in Breda on 23rd June 2011.


The theme of NDD 2011 is innovation and inspiration. This year’s NDD is organised by NDL / HIDC in cooperation with Dinalog, top institute of logistics, and the Breda region. Averaging 400 visitors over the last few years, the NDD appeared to be quite attractive to many. They all hailed from the logistic and shipping sectors, knowledge institutes, consultancy, local authorities and politics.
During the NDD 2011 we will deal with the opportunities for Dutch Logistics in future pan-European supply chains. Young entrepreneurs, who have been helped by new innovative ideas to abandon leading business models from the past of, will share their knowledge and experience with NDD visitors during an entertaining programme. Some of the questions that will be dealt with are: What can Dutch logistic companies learn from young entrepreneurs? What is the role played by innovation in finding new pan-European supply chain solutions? How can we keep distinguishing ourselves as a logistic country in the field of innovation?
Your future is closely linked with the logistic demands made the younger Y and Z generations. Be prepared for the supply chain of the future. To find out more, please attend the NDD 2011 in Breda on 23rd June! 


11.30 am – 2.30 pm
Round trip of company visits in the Breda region

2.30 pm – 3.30 pm
Welcoming visitors to the afternoon congress in the Grote Kerk

3.30 pm – 6 pm
“Inspiration and Innovation” congress

6 pm – 8 pm
Informal aperitif and buffet

Posted on 08-04-2011

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