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Successful trade mission South-West Netherlands to China

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From 22nd to 30th September a trade delegation, led by Queen’s Commissioner for the Province of Zeeland, Mrs Karla Peijs, and the Mayor of Breda, Mr. Peter van der Velden, paid a visit to its Chinese twinning city of Yangzhou. This not only resulted in a long series of contacts and appointments but also to the signing of three declarations of intent. In view of the results, the delegation calls the mission a success.


On its visits to Shanghai, Yangzhou and Nanjing, the trade mission from the South-West, consisting of approximately sixty representatives from the Dutch “Triple O” approach, i.e. Authorities, Business and Education targeted a series of common goals. This involved an exploration of the possibilities of doing further business with Chinese companies, cooperation with Chinese education institutes, cooperation of ports in the South-West with Chinese ports and, finally, maintaining provincial and local authority contacts. All these targets have been fully achieved.

Declarations of intent

Further evidence of the mission’s success are the declarations of intent about the exchange of training courses and students in the field of water management, about cooperation between Terneuzen en Gaoyou based on the “Triple O” approach and continued cooperation between Zeeland Seaports and Yangzhou port authority.
Signing these declarations of intent in the presence of Mrs Karla Peijs is the result of years of investment of the South-West region of the Netherlands led by Mr Peter van de Velden, Mayor of Breda and the China Business Association (CBA) network of entrepreneurs of the South-West of the Netherlands.

Business matchmaking

Under the auspices of the China Business Association and the Chamber of Commerce South-West Netherlands, there were daily matchmaking events for a group of approximately thirty entrepreneurs who had joined the mission. The matchmaking process resulted in about 200 direct contacts and dozens of promising business-to-business contacts e.g. concrete follow-up appointments within the logistics, ports and transport, construction metal and electronics and service sectors.

Integral approach

From the daily contacts of authorities, education and business in China it appeared that Chinese entrepreneurs are developing super-fast. They feel the need for an integral approach. The striking element here was that for them this pertains not only to inter-sectoral but also cross-sectoral matters. We find that in bridging the gap between east and west there is a mutual dynamics which offers great advantages for the economy of the South-West of the Netherlands. The declarations of intent are a major step in the process.


  1. The delegation played an active role in the International Canal Forum in Yangzhou.
  2. Delta Award Winners conducted a Water Management seminar at the University of Yangzhou
  3. There were lectures at the University of Nanjing by Avans Professional University about the content and the added value of the so-called “Triple O” approach in the case of business missions as made by the South-West of the Netherlands
  4. Avans Professional University made appointments with the University of Nanjing to extend the exchange of students and training courses
  5. Zeeland Professional University signed a declaration of intent with Zhejiang Wanli University in Ningbo to extend cooperation regarding the study courses of logistics, engineering and International Business & Management Studies and the exchange of students with the Netherlands.
  6. Zeeland Professional University visited Shanghai Maritime University to strengthen the existing relationship and extend it by seeking cooperation for the International Maintenance Management Course.
  7. Led by the provincial delegate in charge, Ms Lily Jacobs, a delegation of the Province of Noord Brabant conferred with the Province of Jiangsu about the way ties of friendship and cooperation will be extended in years to come.
  8. The Chamber of Commerce South-West Netherlands has strengthened its contacts with its CCPIT sister organisation.
  9. Dinalog (Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics) has made contacts with the authorities and appointments have been made to explore possibilities of an exchange of specific knowledge.
  10. NV BOM and NV REWIN organised a promotional seminar In Yangzhou during which the South-West region of the Netherlands was presented to Chinese investors.

skyline Shanghai

Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Skyline Shanghai
Welcome dinner Yangzhou

signing ceremony Yangzhou

Posted on 18-11-2010

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